Last day in paradise20160830_103957

I look forward to returning to Houston, but I will certainly miss this magical place (so will Gabby).

Meet my new companion
I now have a plush companion for story time. 20160819_140717Otty has taken on new life in this form and I can’t wait to introduce him to his many fans! One of his biggest fans, Gabby, likes barking at Otty and sniffing his fur!20160819_140856

Visiting Elkhorn Slough
20160810_115706_001Elkhorn Slough (pronounced slew) has inspired me yet again and my creative juices are flowing at full speed. Good news is that Book 2 is well on its way! Are you ready for Otty’s return?

A warm reception for Otty at My Museum in Monterey20160812_120650
I just had a wonderful experience at My Museum in Monterey, CA. The staff were mighty excited about The Otter by the Sea and look forward to reading the book to future museum visitors. I can’t wait to return with my grandchildren and check out the many whimsical exhibits.

20160809_111554Story hour at the Pacific Grove Library
Had quite the crowd attend my reading at the Pacific Grove Library. Was a joy to behold so many bright young faces enjoying Otty’s tale!

Browsing and woof woofing at BookWorks!
Here I am with faithful sidekick Gabby at BookWorks in Pacific Grove, CA admiring the otter book display.

Pacific GGuess where I am!
Home of the otters and my book inspiration – Pacific Grove, California. Wish all of my readers could visit this wonderful, beautiful place!

Page 5A EditThis just in!
Thanks to a few creative pre-schoolers from Houston, Texas, the main character in book one, The Otter by the Sea, has been named. His new name is Otty the Otter.